Momentum, knowledge and attention gained from the firms services in the U.S. including involvement in every U.S Presidential campaign for the last 25 years, propelled D.A. Jones & Associates to be retained as an advisor on international campaigns and projects.  The unique and innovative approach that the firm is able to bring to its work, has allowed the firm to actively work in politics across the globe both for candidates, companies and political motivated organizations. 

Don Jones & Associates approaches each campaign uniquely; the firm does not simply rely on stereotypes and perceived expectations.  Rather, the firm fully immerses itself within the community to fully understand the demographics, tensions, relationships and overall obstacles that face a candidate, and/or campaign.  It is one thing to identify the electorate, it is another to be able to actively communicate with the electorate, understand their needs and gain their trust.  This is what establishes Don Jones & Associates different from the rest.  The firm values the vast relationships it has built, understands the impact of current events as well as the importance of history and utilizes all three to prepare a strategy that promotes success. 

The firms’ approach is even more valuable as it has immersed into more international work, specifically in Europe.  There exists an interesting understanding that can be attributed by a firm that has been actively immersed in politics during some of the monumental historical events that have occurred in the United States, in addition to an understanding that is valued from understanding the historical shifts that occur over time in politics in general. However, this is all still built on a foundation of relationships and understanding the electorate.  The face of Europe is changing, stereotypes are being broken down as new populations of people settle whether by choice or by lack of due to political uprising. 

Political upheaval resulting from the current conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia has caused the largest migration to Europe of refugees since World War II. European’s borders and shores have been seen as a beacon of hope for those who see no other option but to flee their home countries and seek incredibly dangerous means to do so.  Every week, large numbers of refugees including Syrians, Iraqis, and Afghans flood into Europe placing a severe strain on the European Union’s institutions, creating a struggle to devise a systematic way to accommodate this ever growing population growth in respect to moral responsibility, political representation and overall civic responsibility.

As mass migration reshapes the face of Europe, various challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities that only large scale migrant and refugee movements bring, have emerged. From the start of the crisis, there has been inadequate willingness to resettle refugees. In addition to fears of economic “overload” there has also been an unspoken fear of accepting these new populations of people into the country.

Don Jones & Associates has developed a mission to specifically speak to the implications of mass migration and ultimately the influx of immigration that has and will continue to realign the political structure in Europe today. To achieve sustainability and avoid economic stagnation, the firm focuses on the need to integrate the new populations of Europeans into the global economy, and empowering them to make the necessary social and economic contributions.  Politics only works when the electorate has trust in politicians and trust can be earned when the electorate believes that you want them to be successful and that you fully understand their needs. No longer can the voices of the new populations that have settled into Europe be pushed aside, the time is now to promote inclusion in order to move forward as a unified body.

Europe will need creative policies that embody this ideology and reconsider the nature of protection and assistance. Don Jones & Associates will continue to work throughout Europe building coalitions with different communities of Muslim, Asian, Indian, Afghan, Pakistan, Syrian, Eritrean, Lebanese and Afro-European refugees to catalyze solutions.

The firm is dedicated to its mission both in the U.S. and globally to fully immerse itself into the community to gain trust and to associate itself with the key stakeholders in each community, some of which have been established for many generations but have been perceived as outsiders.  Building on relationships, trust and innovation, the firm strives to be a spokesperson for these communities to develop a mean of representation that builds an electorate that is invested and actively represented both legislatively and politically. It is this mission in which the firm has build a foundation of success for its clients.