London's New Mayor: Islamist or Integrator?

The Power of Hope Early this month, politician Sadiq Khan made British political history by becoming the first Muslim elected Mayor of London. Though London is one of the most ethnically diverse cities on Earth, its multiethnic society does not come without challenges. Mass migration resulting from raging war and poverty has rapidly changed the fac [...]

“Make America Great Again” VS. “Making America Whole Again”

USA sets the tone for political “Pres”-edence in 2016 Since 1788, with the election of George Washington, the first President of the United States, the country has been holding presidential elections.  The highest attribute of Democratic politics, the ability to cast votes for the leader of the free world.  In 2008, the United [...]

The Black Vote: Purpose & Power

The right to vote is one of the most cherished rights of citizenship and is the basis of most democratic societies. For Blacks, the right to vote was won as the result of human sacrifice and agonizing struggles by our forefathers. Throughout our history, black voters have unwittingly served as political ping pong balls. Initially, our historical al [...]

Changing Spain: Podemos & Politics

In many respects, Spain's political landscape is in the grip of historic, explosive change. Spain's newest political party, Podemos (“We can” in Spanish), was founded in January 2014 with pretensions of breaking the two-party hegemony in Spanish politics. They yielded stunning results in the 2014 European Parliamentary Elections [...]

Changing the Face of Europe: The Great Migration, Part 1

In the last decade, immigration has accounted for more than half of the population increase across Europe. The Office for National Statistics reported that EU member states are recipients of “large-scale” immigration citing that 54% of the increase of the UK population between 1991 and 2012 was due to the direct contribution of net migr [...]

UK Fails to Represent Ethnic Diversity Despite Record Breaking Election Results

Though Thursday’s election in the UK yielded record breaking results for BME (Black, Minority and Ethnic) citizens, the fight for equal representation is far from over. Thanks in part to initiatives like Operation Black Vote (OBV), there are now 38 BME MPs in the Commons, but the number is still far from the 84 seats needed for Parliament to [...]