UK Fails to Represent Ethnic Diversity Despite Record Breaking Election Results

Though Thursday’s election in the UK yielded record breaking results for BME (Black, Minority and Ethnic) citizens, the fight for equal representation is far from over. Thanks in part to initiatives like Operation Black Vote (OBV), there are now 38 BME MPs in the Commons, but the number is still far from the 84 seats needed for Parliament to be truly representative of its citizens.

As communities of color continue to grow, it is critical that all levels of Parliament are engaged with and responsive to their needs and concerns. Increasing diversity is one of the main goals of OBV, who were key players in addressing the lack of balance. OBV’s campaign promoted democratic reform for race equality to thousands of voters, whose voices proved to be decisive in a number of districts. While OBV acknowledges the success of the newly gained seats, they pledge to continue pushing for political parties that “rebalance power back into the hands of the people and fight racism.”

The fight continues…

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