DonJones, President

  DonJones, President, founded Don Jones & Associates, a                   political consulting firm in 1985.  The firm provides unprecedented                         business  development, government relations and political campaign                   consulting  services to its clients built on the foundation of strong,                           enduring  relationships with political elites across the country and                         around the globe  and a proven track record of dedication, success                     and results.  As Don says  so himself, “It is not what you know as                           much as it is who you know” and to  be able to utilize these                                     relationships strategically. 

The firm has a proven track record of dedication, success and results in the political realm with the distinct ability to target messaging, define opinion and rally support.  The reach of the firm is without boundaries, as Don has developed significant relationships with major players in media, business, politics and community across the globe.

Don has over 30 years of international, national, state and local political experience.  Having experienced firsthand the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power Movements, while a young child growing up in the projects of North Philadelphia Don has always been motivated to make a change in the world. He started his political career early, handing out political buttons for Hubert Humphrey. 

Don has served on the U.S. Election Assistance Commission Board of Advisors, taught at the Democratic National Committee Training Academy, and presented at the United Voices for America: Capitol Leadership Academy.  His research interests include national and international politics and campaigns, the power and purpose of the black vote, ethnicity and minority representation in politics, impact of immigration and migration on the political process, and the democratic political process.  Don is an accredited member of the American Association of Political Consultants, the International Association of Political Consultants, the European Association of Political Consultants and the International Association of Press Photographers. 

As a veteran campaign strategist, Don’s primary focus has been on both domestic and international campaigns where he has advised as a General Consultant, providing overall campaign strategy, communications and management.  He has a unique ability to become interwoven with the fabric of the communities that serves as the backdrops of his projects.  This provides a competitive edge in understanding and effectively acting on issues and concerns of the targeted constituency.  Don will be the first to admit that he is constantly learning, searching for opportunities, challenging limits and does not allow four walls of an office to anchor him. 

He even has been driven by his passion for producing, writing and developing political communications, to become a partner in BlackBlue Media, a leading political media company.  BlackBlue Media serves as the media/communication arm of his firm’s work and has vast political experience.

In the U.S., Don has been engaged in every U.S. Presidential campaign since 1984 when Jesse Jackson pursued the presidency. Furthermore, Don has advised in campaigns in over 30 states for Congressional campaigns, and over 20 states for campaigns for Governor, Lt. Governor, State Senate and State Representative. Including the campaigns he has advised on for mayoral and city council, Don has provided campaign support in almost every state and in many incidents has continued to be an advisor to many of the candidates who have become successful in their bids for office. 

Additionally, Don has been lead on cross country advocating campaigns, including the Patriot Majority USA Stop the Greed Agenda Tour in 2012. This tour hit the road to denounce the “Greed Agenda” of the Koch Brothers and special interest groups with rallies across the country.  Don lead communications with included news media and social media campaigns, relationship management, and overall team management.

At the international level, Don continues to be engaged in various political campaigns as well as political organizations.  He has served as a General Consultant for Mayoral and Members of Parliament campaigns in Europe, Mayoral campaigns in Taiwan, and Governor campaigns in Mexico to name a few. 

Currently, Don is actively involved in the London Mayoral Race of 2016.  Serving as a senior advisor for an Operation Black Vote campaign, Don is lead on organizing American support and fundraising to support political outreach projects, voter registration drives and overall political awareness for the upcoming election within England’s minority communities.

In addition to his active work as president of the firm, Don serves as a senior political advisor to many elected officials including Members of the U.S. Congress and State Lawmakers across the country. 

Don attributes his vast success to the power of referral from those that have invested enormous amounts of trust in his ability to delivery results and provide results unlike no other.  There is no stronger compliment than a referral in this business.